An Adventure in Cooking

When I was little, I remember watching my Mom cook, and my Grandma’s in the kitchen with all kinds of good smells coming out of the oven. I wanted to grow up and cook just like them. But somewhere along the line, time, energy, and a variety of other things got in the way. I found myself looking for easier and easier ways to make things. I started looking to things like pre-made, processed, just add meat kind of meals. Hamburger Helper, Mac and Cheese, and frozen dinners replaced the yummy smells coming out of the oven. The ding of the microwave took the place of the ding of a timer. I stopped being creative, and started being tired. My spice shelf consisted of salt, pepper, and garlic powder. That was about it. Sad really.

But I never really lost my longing for home cooked foods. Maybe not the foods of my childhood. Much of the foods of my childhood were not that healthy. They were good, and home cooked. But fried, breaded, lots of carbs, calories, and love put into them. But I also never stopped loving recipes. I have always collected recipes. My mom’s old ones, my grandma’s favorites, ones cut from magazines, and then later, ones from online. I would read them, think about them, organize them, save them. And there they would sit. I have a recipe box that I love.  I have cookbooks I look at. I have online files and sites that I belong to. Collected, saved, and collecting dust.

However, this past year, I started another blog – it’s called A New Year, A New Me.  It was all about the changes I want to make in my life. Things I want to do, stop doing, and do better. One of the things I really want to do for me and my family is to change our eating. So, I thought what better way than to encourage myself by trying these recipes, making new foods, expanding our diets. I would like to make healthier choices, more interesting foods, try new things. Now don’t get me wrong. This is not a health food blog, a vegetarian blog, or even an advice blog. What I want to do is pull out all those yummy recipes and try them. As I do, I’m going to take pictures and post them with the recipe, and the results. Some will be healthier than others, some will be downright sinful. But, they will all be made by me, with love, from my kitchen. So, join me on a journey as I venture into the kitchen and once again enjoy cooking.